Trinity Capital Produces Report on the Proposed EFCA Legislation’s Impact on U.S. Restaurant Industry

Trinity Capital has been intensely focused on the regulatory environment this year as several monumental pieces of legislation have been introduced to Congress that may have substantial economic impact to the restaurant industry if passed into law.  Chief among these are the Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA”) and the proposed health care legislation which recently emerged from the Senate Finance Committee.

There are three key elements to Card Check:
1) stiffer penalties for employers, but not employees, for bad faith negotiating
2) mandatory “interest arbitration” led by a federal mediator for a first labor contract if no agreement is reached within 90 days
3) the ability to create a labor union without an election by simply utilizing  “card check” methodology to attract a 51% majority of the workers to sign union cards

Herein, a link to the white paper on the proposed House Bill Employee Free Choice Act better known as “Card Check” has been provided.